Posted by: floridashorefishing | October 8, 2010

Miami Tarpon

This week I am in Miami for business, and I am staying at a hotel that is on the waterfront of the Intercostal. Last time I was at this hotel I walked the sea wall and saw many large Tarpon, up to 150lbs, so this time I came armed with a pole and some lures.

Last night after returning to the hotel I walked around the sea wall and did not see a single fish. I decided to downsize and try my luck with some Mangrove Snapper. I put a small ¼ oz jig head on with a small Gulp Alive squid.

First cast landed an under sized Mangrove. Second cast was the same as the first. So I decided to hang out here and waste some time. After about 15 minutes of messing with small mangrove snapper and a few large pinfish I cast to the same place I have been for the last 15 minutes.

About 1/3 of they way through the retrieve a something hit the lure like a freight train, and the fight was on. The fish pulled about 10 yards of line before going skyward. It was a 25lb tarpon. I fought him for about 8 minutes on my 20lb braid with a 10lb leader.

Once I got him close to the sea wall I was able to grab the leader and pull the hook loose! A good catch! For the next half hour this trend continued. I hooked 2 tarpon and around 8 mangroves/pinfish. Only one of the tarpon was landed, the other cut my leader on some barnacles.

With my last jig head (a large 1oz red head) I threw a Gulp Alive shrimp and it was met with a GIANT hit. My line started to scream off the real and in the distance I saw what looked like a 5’ tarpon jump strait out of the water. Seeing how big the fish was I decided to palm the real and let him break my leader so that he wouldn’t spool me!

Fishing trip over!


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