Posted by: floridashorefishing | October 12, 2010

Ft. Myers Beach Pier – Trout and Grouper

I had to spend a few days down in Ft. Myers on business so I decided to hit the Ft. Myers Beach pier to relax and see what I could catch.

At first it looked like all I was going to get was some relaxation. I was fishing with only live shrimp (didn’t bring my cast net to get other bait) and nothing seemed hungry at first. After about an hour of drowning shrimp I got bored and put a sabiki on one of my 2 poles.

I quickly pulled in 4 small pinfish and threw them into the bait bucket. One pole now using live shrimp one pinfish.

The first pinfish caught a nice slot sized trout that was released to fight again. The second caught an undersized Gag Grouper. The third was stolen and the fourth another nice trout.

After catching 4 or 5 more pinfish and none of them turning into anything larger I decided to call it a night!

3 fish, not bad!


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