Posted by: floridashorefishing | October 8, 2010

Clearwater Beach Pier 60

I spent the night in Clearwater Beach visiting some family and I figured I would take the second day of the trip to do some fishing. Clearwater Beach has one of my favorite fishing piers in Florida, Pier 60.

Arriving early at the pier with some live shrimp and greenbacks I hopped to be able to get in some good fishing before the heat of the day chased me off, and I did just that. Within the first 2 hours of fishing I landed almost 20 fish, most of them keeper sized!

Spanish Mackerel where destroying the greenbacks that I had hanging bellow a popping cork. As fast as I could bait the rig they were either stealing the bait or hooked up. The Macks ranged from 13”-19”. While not the biggest fish in the ocean they are quite fast and are very sporty on a light-spinning rig with 20lb test braid and 15lb leader.

The live shrimp were not quite as productive, but what they did produce was worth the wait. I caught 2 flounder around 16” each. One of my favorite meals is flounder so being able to put a few in the cooler made the expense of the shrimp worth while for me!

By about 11am it was getting hot and I had a long drive to get home so I called it a day. All-in-all it was a very good day!


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