Posted by: floridashorefishing | November 2, 2010

Canaveral National Seashore – Whiting

Spent the day surf fishing from Canaveral National Seashore and caught a ton of whiting. They were running pretty large, of the 12 I caught 4 were bull size!

There were also a few pompano, but they were pretty small. The big ones should be here soon!

Posted by: floridashorefishing | November 1, 2010

Whiting After Whiting on the Beach

I took a trip to Flagler Beach and decided to spend some time surf fishing. I was able to spend about 3 hours fishing before my wife decided it was time to do something different.

In the 3 hours I was there I landed about 12 whiting, ranging from 8”-13”.

Not a bad way to spend a weekend day!

Posted by: floridashorefishing | October 28, 2010

Spanish Mackerel are Everywhere

I went to Ponce Inlet earlier today to toss a spoon around and kill some time. It ended up being quite a fun day.

The Spanish Mackerel where EVERYWHERE! In a little over 2 hours I landed 20+ fish ranging from 12” to 21”.

A fun way to kill time!

Posted by: floridashorefishing | October 20, 2010

Whiting and Catfish on the ICW

I spent the night fishing on the ICW. The only fish that were hungry were Catfish and Whiting. I caught more catfish than I care to count and about 15 or so larger sized whiting!

A fun night, but I already have a freezer full of whiting!

Posted by: floridashorefishing | October 18, 2010

Mangrove Snapper Limit

I spent the day fishing the rocks at Sebastian Inlet and was rewarded with a limit of Florida Mangrove Snapper. They were all between 12” and 14” this was one of the largest limits I have ever caught in shore.

A guy across from me was catching flounder all day. I watched him pull in at least 5 that were large keepers! I know what I am fishing for on my next trip!

Posted by: floridashorefishing | October 16, 2010

Whiting Dinner in Jacksonville

I decided to take a short drive up to Jacksonville Beach today to try my luck in the surf. I got to the beach a few minutes after sunrise with some live shrimp and frozen clams.

After about 20 minutes of nothing I get my first hit and it is a nice size whiting to put in the cooler. The next hit came from a bonnet head shark that put up a decent fight and was let go to live another day.

I then landed 4 keeper whiting in a row! 5 keepers, perfect for a little beer batter fish fry!

Posted by: floridashorefishing | October 14, 2010

Wadding White Point Recreation Area

My good friend Carl took a trip up to the panhandle to see some family and while he was up there he went wadding in the White Point Recreation Area. This is his report:

I got to White Point a little latter than I wanted to. I started to fish at about 10am tossing a few top waters hoping to take advantage of the cooler weather and catch a few late morning trout.

The first fish was a tiny trout, followed quickly by another. I caught about six small trout before deciding to find a new hole.

After walking for about 15 minutes and casting at ghosts I found a nice looking point and started to cast to it. It produced 3 redfish up to 20”!

Hey Carl, not a bad day!

Posted by: floridashorefishing | October 12, 2010

Ft. Myers Beach Pier – Trout and Grouper

I had to spend a few days down in Ft. Myers on business so I decided to hit the Ft. Myers Beach pier to relax and see what I could catch.

At first it looked like all I was going to get was some relaxation. I was fishing with only live shrimp (didn’t bring my cast net to get other bait) and nothing seemed hungry at first. After about an hour of drowning shrimp I got bored and put a sabiki on one of my 2 poles.

I quickly pulled in 4 small pinfish and threw them into the bait bucket. One pole now using live shrimp one pinfish.

The first pinfish caught a nice slot sized trout that was released to fight again. The second caught an undersized Gag Grouper. The third was stolen and the fourth another nice trout.

After catching 4 or 5 more pinfish and none of them turning into anything larger I decided to call it a night!

3 fish, not bad!

Posted by: floridashorefishing | October 10, 2010

New Smyrna Beach Flounder

A buddy of mine that fishes in New Smyrna quite a bit has been catching Flounder after Flounder. Some of them in the 20” range. This is how he does it:

  • 2/0 Circle Hook
  • 12” 20lb Fluorocarbon Leader
  • Swivel
  • 1/2oz egg sinker
  • Finger mullet

He drags the mullet along the bottom until he gets a strike. Once a strike is detected he allows the flounder time to get the mullet in its mouth and then he starts the retrieve! Flounder are not the strongest fighters so they can be muscled away from structure if needed!

With the mullet run still strong, there is plenty of bait!

Posted by: floridashorefishing | October 8, 2010

Clearwater Beach Pier 60

I spent the night in Clearwater Beach visiting some family and I figured I would take the second day of the trip to do some fishing. Clearwater Beach has one of my favorite fishing piers in Florida, Pier 60.

Arriving early at the pier with some live shrimp and greenbacks I hopped to be able to get in some good fishing before the heat of the day chased me off, and I did just that. Within the first 2 hours of fishing I landed almost 20 fish, most of them keeper sized!

Spanish Mackerel where destroying the greenbacks that I had hanging bellow a popping cork. As fast as I could bait the rig they were either stealing the bait or hooked up. The Macks ranged from 13”-19”. While not the biggest fish in the ocean they are quite fast and are very sporty on a light-spinning rig with 20lb test braid and 15lb leader.

The live shrimp were not quite as productive, but what they did produce was worth the wait. I caught 2 flounder around 16” each. One of my favorite meals is flounder so being able to put a few in the cooler made the expense of the shrimp worth while for me!

By about 11am it was getting hot and I had a long drive to get home so I called it a day. All-in-all it was a very good day!

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